1- Upload you 3D design as STL file to Load3D.com homepage.Just STL extension is allowed for upload.

2- After your upload finish you can choosel metals(Silver or Gold) and see you price. The shown price is included, 3D printing and metal casting. Finishing and polishing will be done bu you.

3- You can upload 3D SLT's as many as you want on homepage. And you can choose any qty for selected metal.

4- After you finished your uploading and choosing metals, you can continue with Checkout button. Checkout button will be Active after you upload any STL.

5- If you want to make any chages with your STL files or choosed metals, you have to turn back to Homage and make changes there. 

6- Shipping cost will be added during checkout steps. 

7- You can make your payment by credit card or paypal.

Product successfully added to the product comparison!